Mindfulness for social change

The benefit of an open and closed group in London.

We offer 2 groups in Putney, London and an annual retreat at Richmond park.The aim of our projects is to create a better world, better societies with the use of the forgiveness model. We hope that you join our vision and love your feed back and input, please write to us.

This group is for mental health professionals, therapist.

Gathering Events –  2017 – 1:00 AM till 6:00 PM
Top floor, St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, London, SW15 1SN


These workshops we will explore the nature of forgiveness, how it can help in our lives, and practical steps for generating forgiveness and compassion.  We will also look at the long-lasting effects on our lives, our families and our communities of ‘non-forgiveness’

This is a series of four workshops, but each can be attended individually.  Each workshop will include presentations, discussions, reflection, mindfulness meditation and open spaces

15 of April      “Attachment and Forgiveness”

27th May       “Grief and Forgiveness”

29th of July    “The Forgiveness matrix

19 of August  “The world needs more forgiveness”

The Meditation Circle aims to establishing a regular London BME closed group, in association with the Black & Asian Therapy Network (www.baatn.org.uk)

This ‘Day of Mindfulness’ will be an offering to our communities from a group of mindfulness-inspired friends. We feel especially heartened by spaces which invite the totality of our individual and collective selves into the circle; and spaces which value the diversity of our ways of being, knowing, expressing and existing.

The ‘forgiveness model’ is a proven tool for good mental health.

The forgiveness process is a multi-layer holistic approach to self-discovery and rehabilitation back into life. It is a form of emotional, psychological and social restructuring of your present life and life as you have lived it.

Reasons you may decide the forgiveness model:

1. Desperation – The psychological and emotional pain is too enormous to enable you to function due, for example, to trauma, a break-up or a serious incident that has occurred.

2. Curiosity – An internal calling that there can be no other avenue of freedom and release other then forgiveness. You have been dominated by anger and resentments for too long.

3. Timing – Others have achieved a sense of peace and freedom from undergoing the forgiveness model, and you want to achieve this for yourself. The timing is appropriate.

4. Journey – You have tried other avenues of healing, which have been steps to getting you to undertake this work.   You have been building up to this.

5. Intuition – It feels like the right path and process. Your gut instinct tells you that you can get through this process.

6. Exhaustion – You are tired of the old repetitive dysfunctional patterns, and living in the past, or for other people.

7. Maximise your potential – You would like to achieve the most from your life. Free of all obstacles and obstructions that have resulted in years of pain that have been building up, and which now influence everything you want to achieve.

8. Loneliness – You would like the maximum benefit from your social and family relationships, and also minimise passing on trauma to your children.

9. Helplessness – Your life has become unmanageable. You have reached a dead-end and have nowhere else to turn.

10. Guidance – You have lost faith in yourself and/or in humanity. You need total restoration, and a belief that life can change.

What is your ground zero?

It is as if the heart has become hardened or is in danger of irreparable damage. This is the type of situation that requires urgent help of a significant magnitude. No-one else around you can fully understand this level of devastation. And it requires immediate action.

This is ground zero; our impact zone, our eclipse, our shadow, our spectrum of non-forgiveness. The point of impact that would change and challenge us for ever.
We know that life will never be the same. That we will forever be something other than what we are now .

This is the symptom of the unforgiving heart. When the damaged caused to us is more then we can bear.

Thank you,