Project MBBT

Project MBBT- Support, Mentor, Sponsor, Encourage, Awaken

Gathering Events –  2017 – 1:00pm till 6:00pm
Top floor, St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, London, SW15 1SN


This is a series of four workshops, but each can be attended individually.  Each workshop will include presentations, discussions, reflection, mindfulness meditation and open spaces

29th of July    “The Forgiveness matrix

19 of August  “The world needs more forgiveness”

1. For professional BME delegates to network about mindfulness-based therapies in our closed sitting groups in Putney.

2. Designed to provide cultural competency when working with other BME communities.

3. Support with your mindfulness meditative practice.  

4. This incorporates mindfulness-based elements into practice and gives prospective students an opportunity to practice teaching skills in a safe environment.

5. Black and ethnic context provided by BME teachers.

6. How to record and build your ‘Life testimony’ in regards to the power of forgiveness and our MBBT programs.

7. New Forest mindfulness summer school 2018 – a week of training in diversity for white teachers.

                                      MBBT group principals & Constitution 

1. To remain self funding and out of reach of corporate business and enterprise.

2.  Our teachers labour is an act of love

3. Any donations and funds are reserved for the project  



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