Mission Statement

Welcome to the Meditation Circle aims to:

  • create a better world;
  • spread love not hate;
  • send hope not fear.

Mindfulness has become increasing exclusive, and beyond the reach of many. We aim to plant and foster seeds of opportunity for those individuals and communities in society who mindfulness does not reach.  And to encourage and foster mindfulness teachers and leaders from those who are forgotten, ignored or left behind, in particular from the Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

We will record and document life’s stories for the BAME community; and provide safe and healing meditative spaces for them, where the marginalised, oppressed and those without voice can reclaim a sense of belonging, dignity and purpose, and a connection to the human experience.


The Meditation Circle is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation established by William Fley in the New Forest in 2011.   

We are a co-operative of trained and experienced mindfulness teachers who embrace and enhance the standard mindfulness curriculum to provide an effective and high quality learning experience of personal growth.

Collectively we have undertaken training at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Breathworks, as well as practising and studying mindfulness and meditation extensively in the UK and overseas. This has enabled us to develop a profound secular understanding of ways to improve lives through mindfulness.

We are inclusive, with a keen focus on equality, diversity and minority issues.  And we are located in a beautiful part of the country – the New Forest – where we run retreats, courses and provide mindfulness services to businesses and individuals on a group and one-to-one basis.

The Meditation Circle Portfolio

Our signature brands of personal development are:

1. Project Mud:  For the Mindfulness Under-Dog
“Second chances are not enough”

2. Project MBBT: To encourage, enable, and support mindfulness for black and ethnic minority professionals.

3. Forgiveness Empowerment: Creating a better world.  Weekend retreats in Richmond Park and the New Forest

4. New Forest Mindfulness Summer School 2018: Training in diversity for the mindfulness industry

5. Putney Debates 2017: Mindfulness for social change. .


I’m a Mindfulness underdog, bark with me!