Mindfulness psychotherapy, forgiveness retreats, empowerment.

Welcome to Meditation Circle

We are a co-operative of trained and experienced mindfulness, forgiveness and empowerment teachers who embrace and enhance the standard mindfulness curriculum to provide an effective and high quality learning experience of personal growth. Research demonstrates that mindfulness is one of the most powerful tools for combating depression, anxiety and stress. Mindfulness interventions have been around for thousands of years and are now thought in schools, hospitals and the work place.

We have also combined mindfulness with the ‘Forgiveness approach’  validated by the American psychological association and also established by the work of Jack Kornfiled, in the field of Buddhist psychology. We organise and run life changing forgiveness retreats, empowerment and mindfulness events in New Forest, Hampshire, West Sussex and London. 

What are the benefits of mindfulness?

For most of us, mindlessness is our default position, operating for much of the time on automatic pilot. We are mind-full rather than mindful. There is now a vast amount of research that demonstrates conclusively that mindfulness practice can help improve our mental and physical well-being. Benefits may include:

  • reduced stress, anxiety and irritability
  • improved mood
  • greater peace of mind
  • better sleep
  • improved productivity at work
  • feeling happier and more fulfilled
  • better relationships
  • improved memory, attention skills and decision-making
  • improved creativity
  • more resilience
  • a boosted immune system

Our Forthcoming Events:


‘Absent fathers’-  November 10th 2018 New Forest &  March 3rd 2019, Putney
Group discussion on effects of fatherlessness. (CPD)

Nov 2nd – 4th Richmond Empowerment retreat’
A mindfulness weekend highlighting the ‘Forgiveness model’

all inclusive overlooking Richmond Park.
Click here for event details and to book your place