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We provide One-to-One Mindfulness, Professional Development Workshops  and run Retreats.


We provide counselling and run tailor-made group mindfulness courses for businesses and individuals.

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Corona virus update:

Please note that due to the current situation we are postpoing the Forest Bathing retreat scheduled for May 2020 until a date to be announced in 2021. 

We still hope to be able to run the retreat in October 2020, and will update this page regularly.

Our services include the following:


Forest Bathing day walks- 2-3 hours

Forest bathing retreats- 3 nights

Forest Bathing is immersion in nature and a multi-disciplinary experience which includes mindfulness, research, guided meditations and walks, periods of silence and stillness; and varies according to habitat, season and region.

We offer both a half day and a 3-night long weekend. Benefits of our unique approach to forest bathing retreats include: 

1. A forest bathing session is a mental and physical detox.

2. It is an opportunity to recharge, restore, and work through stress

3. An experience connecting with, and learning about, the forest in a new way.

4. A multi-discipline approach consisting of  eco therapy, sustainability and mindfulness

5.  Our unique retreats begin and end at home, and we offer a community to connect with on an ongoing basis.

6. The retreats are held in a beautiful location in the centre of the National Park and in a magnificent thatched cottage, with home cooking and personal service.

7. We balance research with pleasure and enjoyment; cultivate an environment of being and ‘not doing’. And connect with the surrounding environment and embody its richness.

There is an ever-growing body of empirical evidence showing that mindfulness can help us self-regulate our moods and thoughts, become more resilient in the face of stress and challenges, make us more productive and effective, and restore a sense of calm and balance to our lives.

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