All shall be well

All Shall Be Well. 
8 week NHS Mindfulness course 


Starting Saturday September 5th 

Please note that due to the current situation we hosting a free based 8 week course of mindfulness for NHS, key workers  to help deal with after effects of the Corona virus. This is a closed group please let us know if you fit into a category or forward this to workers who may need this service. 

The cost of On-line services. 


We appreciate that the concepts of online groups may bring people from around the country closer together who need spaces to heal and particular types of refuge during this crisis. We take into account that many people require free admission because of special circumstances, and we exclude no one because of their financial circumstances. In particular we like to make these spaces available free to NHS, support workers and key workers. 

The meditation circle face-to-face programs during the year are offered on a 'not-for-profit' basis. Many dedicated people give countless hours to make this all possible; and we also have to factor in the cost of professional development, supervision, web-design, social media & marketing, IT, insurance, travel, books & materials, presenters' fees, cost of the interface (internet/telephone/Zoom) and technicians, venue hire (where the retreat is held on-site) and admin costs for the 8 people on our management team.


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Thank you for giving 


William Fley


There is an ever-growing body of empirical evidence showing that mindfulness can help us self-regulate our moods and thoughts, become more resilient in the face of stress and challenges, make us more productive and effective, and restore a sense of calm and balance to our lives.

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