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We are the home of Forest Bathing 

  • VISION: Establish the New Forest as a key leader in Forest Bathing in the  UK.

  • MISSION: We are committed to supporting and developing good practice and integrity in the delivery of Mindfulness-based approaches.

  • OBJECTIVES: We do this by: Having strong collaborative relationships between our natural resources and our relationship within it.


We are also developing 'The legacy of absent fathers' a professional development course for therapists.


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Meet the Team

William Fley

William Fley is a clinician in private practice who also provides training for mental health practitioners through workshops and retreats;  including with community leaders to help them adapt in the face of on-going physical, emotional, organisational and societal change.  A fully accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and Breathworks Mindfulness, William is the founder of mnpc.co.uk and holds Masters degrees from Birkbeck College, University of London and Roehampton University.

Working across gender, culture, race and political lines is challenging.  As clinicians we may often encounter the challenges of broken systems or systemic oppression in our work with clients or in our own professional and personal lives.  Helping to tackle these issues is a key theme of William’s professional work.  He is also conducting research into, and producing and presenting a programme on, ‘Absent Fathers and the Forgiveness Model’ which is about tackling the epidemic of fatherlessness in our society and its effects on mental health.

Tim Fry

Tim has spent much of his working life in the UK public sector, where he has been involved in undertaking research and studies into value for money, largely within the health and education sectors.  His work has regularly been the subject of reports by Parliament and featured in the national press. Tim has worked worked extensively overseas, advising government organisations in Australia, Germany, the US,  Poland, Turkey, Japan, France and Canada on value for money issues.  He is a highly regarded public speaker, and has spoken widely at events in the UK and many overseas countries.  He has chaired conferences such as for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris; and published guidance for the World Bank, Washington.

Tim has been a magistrate for over 10 years, and chairs both the adult and youth benches.  He also sits on the Governance, Risk and Audit Committee of the Bar Standards Board as well as undertaking consultancy work for a major UK property management company. Tim has been practicing meditation for some 15 years and has studied various techniques in India, Thailand and Japan.  He has a one-to-one mindfulness practice in the New Forest, has co-run mindfulness retreats, courses and day events, and taught regularly at Brighton University. One of his key interests is mindfulness in the workplace.

Lorna Heath

Lorna Heath is a Tibetan bowls music presenter and sound therapist. She presents in the New Forest and around the country and works with many charitable causes bringing the gift of sound as means for healing and well-being.  Lorna presents sound experiences to all size groups at workshops and retreats. The Tibetan and Crystal Bowls are used along with Indian Shruti boxes at these events. Over-toning is a way of balancing the bodies chakras passed down from generations, while the sounds from crystal bowls and metal crafted bowls produce a richness of sound rarely found elsewhere. Lorna has served St Georges Hospital for 30 years and is also a gifted spiritual counsellor, mother and a friend to the Forest, where she engages with mindfulness day events as a facilitator.  Lorna’s works are now available on YouTube and she is also available for private hire and consultations. 

Meditation Circle

We provide One-to-One Mindfulness, Professional Development Workshops  and run Retreats.


We provide counselling and run tailor-made group mindfulness courses for businesses and individuals.

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