Mission Statement


Mission Statement

Welcome to the Meditation Circle. We are here to:

Forgiveness is Empowering!



The Meditation Circle was established by William Fley in the New Forest in 2011.   

We are a co-operative of trained and experienced mindfulness teachers who embrace and enhance the standard mindfulness curriculum to provide an effective and high quality learning experience of personal growth.We are inclusive and non-discriminatory.

Collectively we have undertaken training at the Oxford Mindfulness Centre and Breathworks, as well as practising and studying mindfulness and meditation extensively in the UK and overseas. This has enabled us to develop a profound secular understanding of ways to improve lives through mindfulness.

We run retreats and workshops across the UK. In particular in the New Forest and Bournemouth where we run monthly groups, provide one-to-one mindfulness sessions, provide psychotherapy, and run bespoke tailor-made courses to businesses and individuals.

The Meditation Circle Portfolio

Our signature brands of personal development are:

Forgiveness  Conference :

Project aim

To extend the evidence base for the family of humanistic therapies by providing support for research which examines their efficacy and effectiveness as an intervention for psychological difficulties.

Project rationale

The project is inspired by our recent experiences which showed that the relative paucity of outcomes research for humanistic therapies (compared with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in particular but also more recently psychodynamic therapies) makes it harder to argue for the inclusion of this type of therapy type in funded contexts in the UK. We believe it is in clients’ interest to have the choice of a range of therapy modalities and we’re committed to campaigning for client access to all three ‘families’ of therapy (humanistic, CBT, psychodynamic).


  • population – for example adults, children, older adults or a sub-set of these
  • outcomes – for example depression, psychological functioning, perceived benefits of counselling

You may propose any quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods study design that meet the project brief, however quantitative data is often most compelling in a policy or funding context.

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