‘Absent Fathers’ workshop

In the UK 1 million children are growing up without any meaningful contact with their fathers, and the number of single-parent families is rapidly increasing.

Statistics show that fatherless children are more likely to be raised in poverty, drop out of school, develop addiction problems, be incarcerated, commit suicide, and show violent behaviour. Much of the psycho-analytic literature implies that the quality of attachment is linked to maladaptive patterns or disturbances.

In this workshop we will have a rare opportunity to explore the legacy of ‘absent father’, on our psyche, and ways in which a better understanding and processing can illuminate both our internal process and raise hope and awareness through the forgiveness model.

We will use this confidential space to bring about a deeper understanding of fatherless childhood; whether it be through loss, anger, rejection, abuse etc.  We will explore how we embody violence addiction, fault, toxic shame and anger, and how this keeps us from fully functioning and being fully integrated and intimate in our lives.  Most importantly, we will develop a compassionate way forward around this important issue.

During the course of the day we will learn about the forgiveness model, specifically in relation to fatherlessness. We will hear and learn  from real case studies; learn about developing better resilience, coping skills and support either in ourselves or for our clients; learn how to practice forgiveness meditation for our father; and obtain a deeper understanding of the impacts and effects of a fatherless upbringing.

This workshop provides 6 hours of certificated CPD.


We are running two workshops:

  1. Brockenhurst Village Hall, New Forest, Highwood Road, SO42 7RY

Date: Saturday November 10th, 10am-5pm


2. St Mary’s Chrch, Putney, London SW15

Saturday March 3rd, 10am – 5pm

Cost £100 (£80 concessions)

Bookings and enquiries through:  timeverton1@aol.com