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Absent Fathers & The Forgiveness Model

Forgiveness belongs within the psychoanalytic relationship.

Daddy issues?

If you felt hurt, abandoned and a sense that you're missing a positive paternal role model, this workshop maybe for you.
Let's look at your life transcripts, narritives and stories, of how dad helps shape the psyche.

Meaningful paternal contact is critical for how we develop viewes about ourselves, self management, and how we we deal with trauma.

Forgiveness can be described as follows; " A psychological work in continuation of the labour of mourning, with the power to safe guard the gains of a successful mourning process. It is minimally defensive, developmentally progressive and unconsciously motivated (Siassi, 2007)

Statistics show that fatherless children are more likely to be raised in poverty, drop out of school, develop addiction problems, be incarcerated, commit suicide, and show violent behaviour. Much of the discourse demonstrate a public heath issues and epidemic..

Benefits and learning outcomes. 
By the end of this workshop you will:

1. Applicability- Learn about the stages of the forgiveness model and begin to carry this message in your client base.
2. Clarity on the process- Understand what forgiveness is and what it is not within a therapeutic setting.
3.  Resonance- Have a deeper understanding of your own process and misconceptions about forgiveness.
4. Skill set- We provide you with a tool kit and on going community and training, support and  including retreats.
5. Transformation- Learn to convert about the impact of fatherlessness and how to use play and creativity to foster insight and change.
6.Resources-  Know more about clinical research in relation to the forgiveness model.
7. Learn the differences effects within gender differences. and how to identify this within your clients.

The Forgiveness model.
The model consist of 7 stages, which include grounding, energy, clear insight to the dynamics around the life of our father figures, body-work and guided meditations, Journaling, worksheets and working with blockages and sustaining re-connection. 

The Presenter: William Fley

Integrative psychotherapist, and mindfulness teacher.. Working in private practice in the areas of trauma, resilience, diversity & inclusion, men without fathers and over coming adversity.

Dates and venues for workshops in 2019:

1.  Brockenhurst Village Hall, New Forest

Saturday June  8th and
Sunday October 20th

2. St Mary’s Church, Putney High Street, London

Saturday November 2

3.  Brighton, Friends' Room

Saturday June 29
Saturday 9 November

Cost £90 (£60 concessions) payable by cheque or paypal.

This workshop provides 6 hours of certificated CPD.
All workshops run from 10am to 5pm

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