Forgiveness CPD Event

Forgiveness model for counsellors and psychotherapists

Forgiveness is Empowering,  We aim to facilitate the forgiveness process by way of psychological research and also mindfulness.

In May 2018, Coventry University hosted an international forgiveness conference. While the concepts of forgiveness may have a religious connotation, the psychological industry is now looking deeper it’s relevance for mental health. The British Psychological Society  is now also beginning to investigate key concepts of this model such as the justice factor, revenge and reconciliation, the complexity and matrix of unforgiveness as well as the misunderstanding of what the process of forgiveness entails. Of particular importance are the effects of a life of non-forgiveness, and how we may work with these concepts in a therapeutic setting.

Aims and Objectives :

  1. Learn the forgiveness model by Dr Robert Enright as endorsed by the American Psychological Society

  2. Develop how we work with concepts of injustice in the therapeutic setting

  3. Hear, and learn from, real case studies to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact and effects of a fatherless upbringing

  4. Learn the principles of forgiveness as set out by Jack Kornfield, including a guided meditation and dedication.

This workshop provides 6 hours of CPD


10:00   Coffee
10:15   Welcome, introductions, aims and objectives
10:45   Overview of research research into forgiveness
11:45   Break
12:00   Forgiveness model
12:30  ‘Facilitation of our narratives’
13:00   Lunch
14:15   Research into the effects of ‘absent fathers’
14:30   Learn the principles and practice of forgiveness by Jack Kornfield
15:00   Group discussion (1)
15:45   Break
16:00   Group discussion (2)
16:30   Forgiveness meditation
17:00   Dedication & close


Date, time and venue:
Sunday July 29th, 10am- 5pm
Brockenhurst Village Hall, Highwood Rd,
Brockenhurst SO42 7RY
New Forest

To book, please email:

Cost: £90 or £60 for concessions and students

Payments can be made via paypal or by cheque to:
Meditation Circle
12 Studio House,

Yeovilton Close, Everton, SO41 0JS

Like any therapeutic process, the forgiveness therapeutic method also has its way of helping people look at the injustices of the past, including traumas; and  looking at the perpetrators with a different, compassionate and holistic perspective.  

When we arrive at a place where our future is no longer held hostage to predisposed legacy or script, then we know we have arrived. The past is gone and the future is not here either. But many of us coming from horrific situations cannot bear the present.