Documenting your story

 Documenting your stories 

If you don’t know who you are and everything you could be then someone will turn you into something your’ not.

A life should never be waisted, stories and personal accounts are ways of giving others hope, to help them along their journey and a very powerful form of self healing. You may feel that you been a victim of a serious crime, or in a situation that changed your life forever, we hope that this can be an opportunity to leave a valuable record or imprint on our collective human consciousness. We have no religious or political affiliations and utilize the forgiveness model as an alternative to anger, rage, revenge and self harming.

We are now inviting participants who wish to document their stories of forgiveness:

Please us an e-mail if you are interested in doing this with a short introduction of yourself.

Documentation can be either written or visual, published or unpublished.

Topics could include and not limited to: Institutional racism, Trans-generational trauma, racism, oppression and slavery, restorative Justice, survivor, reconciliation, violence, prosecution based on gender or sexuality.

Thanks, William Fley



Comments from participants in previous Meditation Circle events include:

“I liked the presenter’s warmth, openness and humour”

“Well executed!  Well informed!  So relevant!”

“A really safe and nurturing space”

“I have never been in an all-black group before.  I can see MBBT having a world-wide impact”

“The forgiveness & empowerment workshop changed my life”


 Dedication: May the power of forgiveness foster seeds potential, togetherness and prosperity.