Empowerment Retreat : London

Empowerment Mindfulness Weekend: 



Karios Centre: Richmond Park

London 2 -4 November 2018, Residential stay full board £250 or £150 day tickets £90 consessions

Venue: The word ‘kairos’ is from the ancient Greek meaning right, critical or opportune moment.  Located 10 minutes from Putney over-ground station, and next to Richmond Park. A three acre peaceful estate to be with one self and take time off to nature oneself and think about f

Empowerment weekend is 2 day programme of spiritual and psychological healing for anyone who has suffered sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse in childhood, adolescence or adulthood, including those who are the victims of rape, or tragic incident. The retreat offers a safe, protected environment and because the process is grounded in the mindfulness and the forgiveness process. This retreat programme has also been expertly and lovingly designed to make a path for that healing using therapeutic tools from the most up-to-date psychology and treatment of trauma.The human science of psychology is integrated into a holistic view of the person whose meaning and dignity is deeper than the psyche. Body, mind and spirit are all engaged and cared for.

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Benefits of the retreat: 

  1. A time to be with one-self open and honestly in a nurturing environment.
  2. A an opportunity to come to terms with life’s tragedies with like minded people.
  3. A  change to hold and understand our coping strategies, automatic responses and how the relate to serious incidences in the past.
  4. A change to build a life for one-self and not allow the tragedies of the past to dominate our future.
  5. A way for restoring hope, connection to humanity and maximizing our full potential.
  6. A way of dealing with our conscious and not living with regret, confusion and  anguish
  7. 14 hours of CPD certificate 

What is Mindfulness & Forgiveness ?

Forgiveness is a very complex process with many descriptions. Many of us hold on to unprocessed thoughts, feelings and pain, which we carry for a life time. This can at times be out of our conscious awareness and be very disruptive to our selves and others. Mindfulness can help us identify automatic thoughts of anger, hate, and revenge to the original source of trauma, our ground zero. This a 2 day program to be fully present with the concepts of forgiveness.

Empowerment weekend has been described as a life-changing experience. Through the use of Jack Kornfield’s Buddhist psychology and guided meditations and Dr Enwright’s PhD research on the forgiveness model, we have fused a weekend of mindfulness, and psychological model of forgiveness. 

Who should attend ?
 1. Mental health professionals  2. Mindfulness teachers, who want to learn a new healing process. 3. People who want to take time out to attend to them selves. 4. People wanting to learn about the mindfulness and forgiveness model. 



Presented by :

William Fley is a Psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher and survivor of childhood trauma, like many people attending this ‘Empowerment weekend’ he found a way or method using the ‘Forgiveness model’ to over come grief and trauma’. This retreat provides participants with a unique way to hold and view their life situation and journey with compassion, hope and courage. We have helped and enabled hundreds of people through difficult blocks in their lives.


Shelia Balgobin

Sheila is a psychotherapist from New York and ha worked along side baatn.org.uk for mny years. Her speciality is ‘Flower/Vibrational ‘ which are natural products based on the ability of water to store information. They could be considered as “emotional tuning forks” when we feel we are “out of tune”, whether with ourselves or others. Vibrational essences issue a “true note” to bring us back into balance when our feelings are unsettled in some way. In this retreat we will have an opportunity to practice a ‘Flower essence’ as a form of healing and empowerment.


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