Safeguarding Policy

General Disclaimer

The information contained in this website is for information only. Neither the Meditation Circle, nor any of the fellow professionals operating under its label, will be liable for any loss or damage arising from the use of this website. It is the responsibility of users of this website to contact a medical or mental health practitioner, if appropriate, before undertaking any therapeutic practice, or service provided by individuals or within groups listed in this website.

The practitioners who operate under the Meditation Circle label are self-employed, and are not employed by the Meditation Circle. They are required to operate within, and in compliance with, the policies listed on this page, but are responsible for having their own appropriate procedures and policies in place, and to act in accordance with them. The Meditation Circle accepts no responsibility for their actions, including but not limited to any loss or damage, whether or not acting under the Meditation Circle label.

Safeguarding Policy

The Meditation Circle recognises the right of every individual to stay safe. It is up the individual attending our groups, either directly or through a 3rd party to maintain an element of awareness of what the are capable of handing in regards to exploration of mindfulness and well-being.

We come into contact with young people and/or vulnerable adults through the provision of meditation and mindfulness services, workshops, counselling services and yoga classes. And this policy seeks to ensure that we undertake our responsibilities with regard to the protection of young people and/ or vulnerable adults, and respond to concerns appropriately. For the purposes of this policy, a young person is defined as aged 16-18. A vulnerable adult may include someone who is elderly and frail, has a mental or serious physical illness, or is a substance misuser.

The Meditation Circle practitioners have responsibility to follow good practice in safeguarding, and to pass on any welfare concerns. We expect them to promote good practice, and we will support them as appropriate, including through discussion and debriefing.

The Meditation Circle ensures safe recruitment through undertaking CRB checks on staff whose roles involve contact with young people and /or vulnerable adults, any training considered appropriate, and discussion of safeguarding issues. It is the responsibility of fellow practitioners in good time before taking on a young person or vulnerable adult as a client.
The Meditation Circle expects fellow professionals operating under the Meditation Circle label to protect the professional integrity of themselves and the organization.

Professional boundaries define the limits of a relationship with a client. We agree to uphold standards that allows this often close relationship to exist while ensuring the correct detachment is maintained. These cover, inter alia, the giving and receiving of gifts from clients, personal relationships with clients and inappropriate behaviour. Further details are available on request. All members of the Meditation Circle are required to report any actual or potential conflicts of interest.

The Meditation Circle recognises its duty to address and, if appropriate, report concerns or allegations against fellow professionals when operating under the Meditation Circle label about unsafe practice or the crossing of professional boundaries.

Any concerns should first be raised with William Fley at